Very important band update

Listen, Christmas was a few days ago.  I didn't really ask for anything.  "I need to fix my Whammy Pedal" isn't really a great Christmas request, and that's probably what I want most this year.  So when I was opening presents, I was completely caught off guard when I opened a lego Millennium Falcon.  

I used to read the lego catalog like a comic book.  I remember looking over the full page displays for the AT-AT, the Death Star, and, of course, the Falcon.  This must be over 10 years ago; lego sets were like guitars to me at the time.  To actually own one of these sets was like owning one of your heroes guitars.  And last week I felt like I opened Slash's Les Paul or something.  The Millennium Falcon!  It was a set from Episode VII, which doesn't really do anything for me, but it opens up and has a ton of features.  It has the fake floor boards for smuggling, moving gun turrets, and the entrance ramp, which for some reason is really cool to me.  

Unfortunately, I don't really play with lego sets for hours the way I used to.  Maybe I'll call up my childhood best friend Jacob and invite him over.  He used to have a non-lego Falcon.  It was dope; not as big as the one in Stranger Things, but definitely one of the staples of his massive 3-brothers-worth-of-hand-me-downs toy collection.  I feel like I've tied up a loose end from my childhood.  

I'll be waiting until st-st-st-st-stephanie gets back to LA to build it.  I'm so pumped.  Anyways, come to New Years brunch at the Escondite in DTLA on Monday!  3 sets at noon, 1 and 2!  Super pumped to get 2018 started. 

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