Uber for Blood

I recently saw a post on reddit about a service described as "uber for blood."  Do they realize how metal that sounds?  Tonight, we uber for blood!  May those who ride Lyft rue the day they picked the Pepsi of carpooling apps!  Super metal.  It could be a band name, or an album title.  I've been talking a lot about hypothetical band names a lot recently, a few of my favorite being Big Tuesday, Cartoon Jesus, Yawn., Ponies Die, and Mikey's Verbal.  I'd love to just do one EP under each of those band names.  

Happy Birthday Dan McCallum! 21 for the 7th time.  Despite the fact that I apparently can't stay out past 11pm without yawning lately (a far cry from getting into the swing of things at 1am), the celebration in NoHo was fun.  Got to see a lot of people, if only for a minute, and had a delicious mango smoothie that was full of tequila I could feel but not taste.  Perfect.  The idea that Dan would rally such a fun yet laid-back hang for his birthday makes complete sense, and I would celebrate his birthday every week if he wanted to.

The Sidemen are shooting a live-stream concert this Thursday!  Fun territory to be exploring; while I don't think we'll utilize the full potential of live-streaming, we'll come away with tons of footage and audio to be edited into a promo.  I always loved the idea of the promo videos we made in wedding bands in Boston.  They were these 5 minute videos with tons of 30 second-1 minute clips of songs we did, and the footage would show us in full wedding suits dancing around stage and smiling like we were truly fulfilled musicians.  Of course, it was all mimed to recordings we'd done in a studio, sometimes not even with the actual members of the band.  It would have been legit cool if we hadn't been faking it to over-produced renditions of pop songs, but of course that's exactly what it takes to book weddings.  The Sidemen, however, don't play weddings (not that we specialize in divorces or anything).  We'll be going in with a shortened set focused on our most unique moments, showcasing our most popular songs and most dramatic soloists.  We've got a horn section full of Berklee homeboys; Will Trueblood and Bryan Cooper are in town, and of course Logan Ivancik lives around here.  Sam Ward and Alex Gorchesky are back in the rhythm section, of course, with the exciting addition of Nicole Alexandra on keys.  Very excited to have something above iPhone quality to show the Sidemen around.  It just doesn't do it justice; these guys are out here coming up with the craziest shit to play, but the iPhone's low quality videos immediately turn people off.  That'll end on Thursday.

Anyways, I know you really want to know the progress of the Falcon.  She's doing alright; Steph and I have used 6 out the 9 bags.  We've got Han, Chewie, and Finn, which is pretty cool.  Chewie is obviously the coolest.  The ship itself is starting to become recognizable too.  Soon the Falcon will be finished, and I can happily retire and spend my time caring for my horses, Winnie and Charles.

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