Performing Arts/[COVER] My Own Worst Enemy

Light rain drips through my hair onto my glasses, letting them slide down my nose.  Discreetly, I push them back up.  I will not have many chances to adjust them once we start.  I'll be much too busy running around back and forth, trying to stay in formation on the slippery grass.  I straighten my back and steady my breathing.  Bells ring in the distance, and I begin to count.  1...2...3...trying to imagine myself out there, dodging people left and right, slipping through their shoulders...16...17...18...never losing concentration, or letting my mind we go...30...31...there was always this very long pause between 31 and 32, as the world waited for me to take the biggest breath ever...32!  CRACK!  Lightning strikes through the night rain as I leap backward.  There's no stopping now!  I glance at Bryce out of the corner of my right eye; his vein popping out of his arm.  A dangerous gust of air on my left cheek as a 6' pole cuts through air, narrowly missing me.  There is no time to think about anything, to feel about anything, only to do what you immediately must do.  

In a blink, the sound of many drums becomes one, a unified rhythmic pulse marching down the field.  The shouts of brass and whistle of woodwinds call to one another over top, as the guard dances like a fire around us.  It feels like I'm playing the entire band; each note I play is amplified by 119 other people playing it at the exact same time.  There is no way to achieve this feeling without truly giving yourself to the band, but if you do, the band will give itself back to you.  It's true no matter if it's a 120 member marching band or a 6 piece pop band playing covers in a dive.  If you devote all of your power towards the music, the music will make you feel like nothing else ever can.  If you don't commit, well...I think in skateboarding they call it a "bail."  Once you're in that half-pipe, you'd better have every ounce of you invested in what you're doing, because you're coming out of that tail-pipe fast no matter what you do.  

To hold a microphone is to hold Zeus' lightning bolt.  You have so much power, you can move so much more air than anyone else in the room.  So don't bail on everybody, no one here wants to see you not land a trick.  Count steady to 32, stay in step, do what you immediately feel you must do.  If you give yourself to the music, the music will give itself to you.

To contrast the above, every time I play "My Own Worst Enemy" by Lit, I always imagine it as it appears in the soundcloud link.  So half of me is like this super intense instinctual performer and half of me is just making fun of myself.  


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