Geek Stink Breath-Green Day [Video]

Today, I sat down and watched the show Friends for the first time in a while.  Classic show.  It was the one where Monica lies to what she thinks is a 17-year-old guy saying she's 22, when she's really 26, but then she finds out he's 30.  Or something.  I wasn't really paying attention, the dentist was sticking a needle into my gums to administer Novocaine, so there was like this incredibly sharp pressure on my gums that would have been agonizing if it weren't the topical treatment, and someone holding my mouth open.  I came in halfway through the Friends episode, so I didn't really see the setup, but a new episode started about Rachel coming onto Ross' ex-wife's doctor during her childbirth.  I let myself get kind of invested, as I was trying not to focus on the sharp whine of a drill on my tooth that I couldn't really feel, but could definitely hear.  I figured I'd see this whole episode while sitting in the dentist chair with half my mouth numb, but the experience was over much quicker than I thought it would.  I was only in there for like 40 minutes, and now I'm all good, which is fantastic.  I don't know how the Friends episode ended though.  


Yesterday, the Sidemen got together with Alex Gorchesky, Sam Ward, Nicole Alexandra, Will Trueblood, Logan Ivancik, and Byan Cooper had a great rehearsal for our livestream video shoot tomorrow.  It was pouring rain outside, which was weird, but it made the little auditorium we'd rented out seem a little cozier.  I haven't seen Bryan Cooper since the last time he played with the Sidemen, maybe 9 months ago, so it was good to see him again.  Will Trueblood is fantastic of course, and Logan is really screaming.  I have a lot of fun playing with that guy.  Sam and Alex are solid as always, of course.  It was Nicole's first time playing with us, and the first keyboardist I've played with in LA.  As much as I loved being a power trio, it's so nice to have her fill out so much sound.  I missed sharing the responsibility of holding down the groove; now one of us can play a more structured part while the other plays a little looser.  I'm really excited for our video shoot; we had some pretty fun moments in rehearsal that I'm excited to see come through.  Check it out on our facebook!  Tomorrow, Thursday 1/11 at 8pm PST/11pm EST. 


The Falcon is almost done.  Remember that bittersweet feeling of being excited to finish a lego set because it looked lit af but also realizing that you don't have another set to build?  I might have to start buying sets again.  Not a good idea.  Steph and I've got one bag of pieces left!  It's looking pretty dooooope


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