Older Writing:

Where "We Don't Wanna Hear About It" came from 

Enjoy "We Don't Wanna Hear About It" on Soundcloud or Spotify below.  Also available on Apple Music, iTunes, Pandora, and everywhere you else to listen to music.


A warm May evening in Boston.  Summer semester off from college.  Stephanie was gone home on break.  I hadn’t written a note of music since February.  I took walks everyday, trying to clear my head.  Try to soak in the sun, try to do something.  I was ready to get better.  I didn’t exactly believe I would though. 

I took a shower late at…

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Geek Stink Breath-Green Day [Video] 

Today, I sat down and watched the show Friends for the first time in a while.  Classic show.  It was the one where Monica lies to what she thinks is a 17-year-old guy saying she's 22, when she's really 26, but then she finds out he's 30.  Or something.  I wasn't really paying attention, the dentist was sticking a needle into my gums to administer Novocaine, so there was like this incredibly sharp pressure on my gums that would have been agonizing if it weren't the topical treatment, and someone holding my…

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Uber for Blood 

I recently saw a post on reddit about a service described as "uber for blood."  Do they realize how metal that sounds?  Tonight, we uber for blood!  May those who ride Lyft rue the day they picked the Pepsi of carpooling apps!  Super metal.  It could be a band name, or an album title.  I've been talking a lot about hypothetical band names a lot recently, a few of my favorite being Big Tuesday, Cartoon Jesus, Yawn., Ponies Die, and Mikey's Verbal.  I'd love to just do one EP under each of those band names.  

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Moving Day  

I'm moved in Boston and I've moved in LA.  Very different experiences.  


In Boston, moving day is like a city-wide holiday.  And it's like all the bad parts of a holiday with hardly any of the good parts.  Because so much of the city is students, almost everyone moves on September 1st.  And I mean EVERYONE.  The best part is most students aren't from Boston, so it's out-of-towners and 20-year-olds all hitting the streets in their U-Hauls and over-stuff minivans.  It's a nightmare.  Most of Boston's…

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Very important band update 

Listen, Christmas was a few days ago.  I didn't really ask for anything.  "I need to fix my Whammy Pedal" isn't really a great Christmas request, and that's probably what I want most this year.  So when I was opening presents, I was completely caught off guard when I opened a lego Millennium Falcon.  

I used to read the lego catalog like a comic book.  I remember looking over the full page displays for the AT-AT, the Death Star, and, of course, the Falcon.  This must be over 10 years ago; lego sets were…

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A Corvertte Red La Marzocco/[DEMO] North Carolina Queen 

I'm sitting at a window bar in a coffee shop behind a row of people sitting outside with their laptops at the cute little coffee shop tables. I can see all of their screens and everything they're writing down. The girl in front of us named Becca; google chrome is currently greeting her by name. The guy next to her is looking at either a comic book or storyboard next to a script. The guy on her other side is just reading a PDF. The music sounds like Talking Heads but it isn't them. I don't see why we can't just listen to talking heads if we're gonna listen to a band who obviously wants to be them, but I guess I'm just more familiar with talking heads. It doesn't help that the ceilings are so high and it's so echoey. I feel like I'm on the set for American Psycho; it feels so superficially 80s here. But you know what? This coffee is fucking amazing. The milk is so velvety, the flavor is so smooth. Hilarious vibe tho. 

Why does this exist?  Dinosaur coffee. The extinct art of going all out.  Everything is natural colors; white, wood, ash. By one thing is Corvette red; the espresso machine. It stands out like the very first rock n roll electric guitar must've stood out. (Holy shit this music dude just put on talking heads please.) Cant resist being a little flashy, a little glint of this childish desire to stand out. Maybe not childish; maybe somewhere in the intersection of childish and youthful. There's an air that feels slightly put on when you first walk in here, but it feels like one of the few truths that is recognized here is that everyone here kinda wants to go to neverland. 

It used to be hot chocolate season this time of year, but most people here have iced teas. Different truths get recognized in the cold, harsher truths, like how desperately everyone needs a warm home. And it certainly is a truth to be recognized. But the espresso machines used to be chrome, or black. Sleek and stylish. Mature. Reserved. Grown up. It's nice to see that these baristas want a corvette red la marzocco. 

They're playing tears for fears now. Literally the song from American psycho. I know seeing stars isn't too uncommon here, but I'd rather not meet Christian Bale this way.


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The Importance of Saving Your Work 

   Look, the thesis of this whole thing was gonna “it’s important to save your work because otherwise you might lose it.”  I wanted to write a big essay on why it’s important.  I’m very distracted because I’m sitting outside and some old dude just started smoking a cigarette 2 feet upwind of me and it’s kinda ruined my aura.  The nicotine is not coalescing to my chakras, ya know.  My dad tells me writing is so easy; just 15 minutes or so and then I’ve catalogued what I’ve said.  Well, yesterday I spent like…

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Performing Arts/[COVER] My Own Worst Enemy 

Light rain drips through my hair onto my glasses, letting them slide down my nose.  Discreetly, I push them back up.  I will not have many chances to adjust them once we start.  I'll be much too busy running around back and forth, trying to stay in formation on the slippery grass.  I straighten my back and steady my breathing.  Bells ring in the distance, and I begin to count.  1...2...3...trying to imagine myself out there, dodging people left and right, slipping through their…

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[DEMO] Ashland (We Are Still So Far) 

[DEMO]s are recordings of tunes I've done on my own.  I'll post and write about them here so they don't just collect dust on my hard drive.


"Ashland (We are still so far)" is the experience of driving back from a gig for several hours late at night.  I free-wrote about the various imagery (and not just optic imagery) I was surrounded by on these long trips.  I wanted to capture the hum of the road, and started with the driving one note guitar line.  The rest of the music branched out from there, but…

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